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t-shirt diplomacy
teaching your children how to avoid drug addiction and alcoholism

Operation Breadcrumb, a proposed plan to combat the addictions of The Homeless with both the Carrot and the Stick, can also be used to teach your children the dangers of drugs and alcoholism.

Teaching your children to ask the right questions will get them to think about the consequences of addiction and empower them to prevail against the many temptations they face at school and in their neighborhoods.With these T-Shirts and printed flyers on the dining table, walls, refrigerators, and doors in your home, you will give your kids a clear message that they can use and share with other kids about the dire consequences of addiction and alcoholism.

Flyers on Fridge, Table, Wall, and Doors
Polo Shirts - Operation BreadCrumb - Navy - Front and Back

Q: Why should you buy this T-Shirt? A: FIRST, READ THE ENTIRE BACK OF THE T-SHIRT, (And THAT MEANS BOTH SIGNS,) AND YOU'll UNDERSTAND WHY.Second, when you wear this t-SHirt, you'll
TEACH YOUR kids on how to ANSWER THE TEMPtATIONS FROM THEIR FRIENDS at school and the community.
Polo Shirt - Back View
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