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t-shirt diplomacy
breaking a loved one's drug addiction and alcoholism ...silently

Operation Breadcrumb, a proposed plan to combat the addictions of The Homeless with both the Carrot and the Stick, can also be used to address the addictions of a friend or family member.

Asking your loved one the right questions while trying to maintain a relationship is tough and heart breaking. Hence, let these T-Shirts & Flyers silently do the talking for you in confronting addiction problems.

With these T-Shirts and printed flyers on the dining table, walls, refrigerators, and doors in your home, (and also in partnership with other family and friends), you will send a silent but clear message about the future consequences of their addictions.

Flyers on Fridge, Table, Wall, and Doors
Polo Shirts - Operation BreadCrumb - Navy - Front and Back

Q: Why should you buy this T-Shirt? A: FIRST, READ THE ENTIRE BACK OF THE T-SHIRT, (And THAT MEANS BOTH SIGNS,) AND YOU'll UNDERSTAND WHY.Second, when you wear this t-SHirt, you'll
SEND a SILENT message to YOUR Addict / ALCOHOLic family member or friend to start thinking about their self-destructive
Polo Shirt - back
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