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faq - frequently asked questions
How is your program different than other organized groups that help The Homeless?
I actually have to create a real grass roots "movement" for this whole Operation BreadCrumb to work and convince "charities", non-profits, Good Samaritans, and churches to change their ways.

Likewise, one of the tools to create this "movement" are T-shirts and actually getting individuals (as opposed to large organizations, celebrities, large donations, or grants), at the grassroots level to want to actually wear these T-shirts, and polo shirts, etc.  That is, individual "grassroots" shirt sales are the overall sales goal. This as opposed to say paying for a billboard which is an expensive monthly expense and generates no revenue except for perhaps asking for a donation to fund more billboards.

T-shirts and Polo Shirts are better advertising buys and also practical.
What will make The Homeless stay voluntarily and get help with their problems rather than going from one shelter (or food bank) to another?  
Because, this idea says to the Good Samaritans, Homeless Shelters, Non-Profits, Charities and Churches to give their food to the remote location. Hence, all that free food will be located 5 miles from any alcohol or drugs. And any drug dealers who approach that remote location will be more easily detected.

So the Homeless, because they still need food, will be either forced to (A) detoxify or  (B) go hungry and starve to death as there will be no more free food in the city.
How is your idea different that other charitable groups?
The Organized Charity Groups, for example, locate their daily operations within the inner city, right next to gas stations as well as high crime areas and drug dealers. Second, the organized groups have very weak rules are that easily circumvented as The Homeless can easily jump from shelter to shelter, and from food bank to food bank.

For example, The Homeless are only allowed to spend 30 days  at one Homeless shelter and then can walk a few blocks over and then stay at another homeless shelter for another 30 days. This cycle and bouncing from one non-profit shelter can easily go on for years and years; hence the homeless can get free food and shelter for years and years.

Moreover, any job a Homeless gets (like picking up trash) pays cash that is instantly used for cheap beer and drugs. All this will still getting free food and housing. Hence, this is the fuel and Big Picture policy of Non-Profits that continually feeds the addiction and eventually creates mental illness.
How is this program set up? And who will be in charge? And how will The Homeless be assisted in regards to food, shelter, medical assistance, training and jobs?
This website shows strategy, tactics and operational detail here for existing organized groups to change their daily operation, and also relocate their main physical shelters, food banks and clinics to remote location.
Is this group legally Tax Exempted? Is this a Non-Profit?
It takes quite some time to set up a Non-Profit and there is a lot of paperwork on a recurring basis if setup to be non-profit.

Hence, right now, shirts will be made in small batches, e.g., a dozen or so, and sold to friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers, etc..

So the plan is to make it a private LLC or private company.  That's the fastest way and allows for way more time to sell and make shirts as opposed to more non-profit paperwork.

Only when a significant number of shirts are sold, and there is sales growth, will a switch to say a Non-Profit status be considered. In other words, a dozen or so shirts doesn't justify a non-profit.
Are there any established organizations that support this operation?
No. And there are not any that I am aware of. Moreover, the goal of this website and shirt sales it to get those "established" organizations to change their strategies and tactic via grassroots movement.
Does this operation get any grants or donations on regular basis?
No. And it has not received any grants or donations. Regardless, this website is to be self-supporting via individual shirt sales to generate a grassroots movement..



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