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"Feel Good" Politicians? Or "Show Me the Money" Politicians?

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 16, 2019 10:05 PM
Feel Good Politicians
There are many Homeless Advocates (and their favorite "feel good" politicians) who are seeking more facilities to help and serve The Homeless. However, that has been proven to be a total failure as they can have a mental clinic and homeless shelter on every block in the city and these Homeless men and women, still, would not step foot inside those facilities because they have "rules".

Nevertheless, these same Homeless Advocates (and Feel Good Politicians) have given birth to another short-sighted concept,

     the "low-barrier homeless shelter"

where there are basically no rules.

That is, this "low-barrier" homeless shelter has no daily fees of $1/night stay, no limit on days stayed for like 21 days, no requirement to stay at the facility in a sober condition, and no requirement to seek a better life.

In other words, these low-barrier homeless shelters are no different than say, New Orleans Famous Bourbon Street, where there is 24/7 alcoholic drinking that is even allowed on the streets! New Orleaneans like to call their "open-container" laws, "go-cups"!

Moreover, these low-barrier shelters, because of their shortsightedness, now have to have 24-hour security, which again, is just like New Orleans' Bourbon Street as that infamous street, too, also has to have 24/7 security.

And all of the above, while Tax Payers and Businesses have to pay for this short-sighted, feel good policy that fuels the cycle of poverty and crime under decreasing sales.

Hence, it's about philosophy, not just facilities, in regards to getting The Homeless to change their ways. Likewise, the philosophy of "The Stick versus The Carrot" is in order here.

Show Me the Money Politicians
Right now, The Homeless get all sorts of Social Carrots such as free food, water, housing, beer, and drugs via Unwitting Good Samaritans and "Feel Good" Politicians who are apparently believing any "Out-of-Luck" story the Homeless tell them.

Yet, don't be surprised "feel good" politicians are funded by campaign contributions from defense attorneys and bail bonds companies who are paid by drug dealers as clients. Next, these drug dealers, likewise, sell lots of drugs to their best repeat customers, The Homeless. See what happens when you "Follow the Money"?
The Stick
Yet, as for The Stick, some cities (typically suburbs and not the inner cities) employ short jail time like 3 to 7 days, (as opposed to long jail time of 30 days), to accomplish TWO (2) things. One, to cause the Homeless to fear any lack of beer and drugs for a few days in jail. And, second, to allow their belongings of tents, blankets, and any free stuff that they were given, plus drugs, beer, to be confiscated by other Homeless; hence, these Homeless avoid those cities with that policy. The aforementioned "short" jail time also reduces jail costs and overcrowding while causing the Homeless to think twice about their addictive actions. You could call this strategy "The 7-Day Stick".

Nevertheless, this web site, under the section, The Answer discusses a new "Stick" that re-locates the free stuff, like free food and water, to a physically distant and separated location to cause the Homeless to think carefully about their addictive decisions as any drug relapse would cause them to seek free food at this distant location. These Homeless could be driven by a daily shuttle, or they could walk the many miles if needed. Yet, if they do not honor the rules, they could camp outside, with no food or make a very long walk back to the city where there will be no more free food handouts as before. More details here.
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