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Artciles on The Problem
1   Are You Feeding The Homeless?     Or, Are you feeding the Addiction?
2   Did Jesus say, "Feed the Poor"?    Or, did Jesus say, "Feed the Addiction"?
3   Where are the Families of the Homeless?
4   Homeless Shopaholics
5   Down on their Luck
6   "Feel Good" Politicians? Or, "Show Me the Money" Politicians?
7   An Opinion is to Judging like Talk is to Action?
8   The Good Samaritan Inn - Mulitple Choice Question
9   How Pot causes Suicide
10   Medical Marijuana is like using Water to Fix a Computer Virus

Child Endangerment? (from Organized Fund Raising)


Q: Is Marijuana Addictive?
A: Yes. Check out Road Rage and Aggressive Panhandling


Can't get High enough? Pot Heads versus Gateway Drug Users


Alcohol versus Practice


Social Justice? Or Social Carrots?


Bait and Switch: Multiple Choice Question


Drug Withdrawal Carousel Sentencing

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