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NOTE: The 1st Purpose of this website (as well as the t-shirts) is not so much to convince The Homeless to change their ways, or for them to even visit and read this website, or even be aware of this website.

The 1st purpose of this website and the t-shirts are to convince Good Samaritans, Restaurants, Bakeries, Food Services, Non-Profits, Churches, and Charities to change their strategy, tactics and daily mode of operation when helping The Homeless.

The 2nd purpose is then to break the addction of those addicted.

Artciles on The Problem

  1. Are You Feeding The Homeless?
    Or, Are you feeding the Addiction?

  2. Did Jesus say, "Feed the Poor"?
    Or, did Jesus say,"Feed
    the Addiction"?

  3. Where are the Families
    of the Homeless?

  4. Homeless Shopaholics

  5. Down on their Luck

  6. "Feel Good" Politicians?
    Or, "Show Me the Money"

  7. An Opinion is to Judging
    like Talk is to Action?

  8. More Articles..
Papers on The Answer

       What is The Plan
       to Break the Addiction?

       Use Flavored Bread Crumbs

  2. Education via T-Shirts

  3. Silent Kung Fu
       - breaking a loved one's drug
    addiction and alcoholism ...silently

  4. Silent Kung Fu for Kids
       - teaching your children how to
    avoid drug addiction and alcoholism


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